Leadership Team with Expertise, Experience & Diversity


Jaehyeon Yoo

• Majored in Pharmacy at Seoul National University
• Specialty Business Unit Head, Janssen North Asia
• Specialty Business Lead, Janssen North Asia
• Global Strategic Marketing, New Jersey, US 
• Asia Pacific Strategic Marketing, Hong Kong 
• Marketing Director, Xian Janssen, Beijing, China

Director, Bio Research

Juhyun Shin

• Ph.D. in Biology, KAIST • Director, Business Development, Ildong Pharmaceutical • Leader, External Cooperative Research, WhanIn Pharm. • Deputy General Manager, LegoChem Biosciences • Senior Researcher, New Drug Research Center, JW C&C

Director, Research & Development

Jungin Pyo

• Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Yonsei University • Team Leader, iNtRON Biotechnology, Inc. • Special Professor, Sahmyook University • Postdoctoral Researcher, KIST (4 products commercialized including diabetes treatment, antihistamine treatment, urinary incontinence treatment)

Executive Director, New Drug Research

Koohyeon Ahn

• Masters in Organic Chemistry, Jeonbuk National University • Current Director of the CURACLE new drug research division • Senior Researcher, Handok Inc. • Senior Researcher, JW C&C Research Laboratories

Senior Director, Clinical Development

Sujong Kim

• Ph.D. in Medicine, Hanyang University • Adjunct Professor, Graduate School of Biomedical Science & Engineering, Hanyang University • Director of Research Institute, PharmaResearch • Head of Clinical Development and Regulatory Affairs, CrystalGenomics • Head of Clinical Development and Regulatory Affairs, Komipharm International Co., Ltd. • Principal Researcher, Amorepacific R&D Center

Director, Clinical Development

Pankyung Kim

• Masters in Medicine, Kyungpook National University • Team Leader, Clinical Research, Yooyoung pharm • Team Leader, Clinical Research, Hyundai pharm • Team Leader, Clinical Research, Hanmi pharm • Clinical Study Leader, LG Life Sciences

Director, Business Planning & Coordination

Hyunjung Kwak

• Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Chungnam National University • Senior researcher, Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology • Senior researcher, SK Biopharmaceuticals (Epilepsy treatment, narcolepsy treatment, US FDA approval granted)

Senior Director, Business Development

Jeonghan Kim

• MBA, UC Berkeley • Executive Officer, BD & Global Marketing, Dongwha Pharmaceutical • Head of Development Team, Celltrion • Product Manager, BMS Korea • Analyst, Bayer USA

Business Management, Director

Yong Hwang


Senior Director, Business Planning & Coordination

Jaejin Choi

• MBA, Sogang University • Head of Commercial Excellence, Handok • Head of Sales / Commercial Excellence, Allergan Korea • Portfolio & Strategic Planning Manager / Marketing Excellence Manager, Bayer Korea • Marketing Manager, Janssen Korea

Chairman of the Board & Founder


Young-Guen Kwon

• 225 SCI papers, 15 Registered Patents, 3 Technology Transfers • Professor, Biochemistry, College of Life Science & Biotechnology, Yonsei University • President of the Korean Society for Vascular Biology and Medicine • Advisory Member, Presidential Advisory Council on Science and Technology • Member, The Korean Academy of Science and Technology • Full-time researcher, Rockefeller University, USA

Board Members

Youngmyeong Kim

• Ph.D. in Biochemistry, Utah State University, US • Professor, Kangwon National University College of Medicine (200 SCI papers 200) • President of the Korean Society for Vascular Biology and Medicine • Assistant Professor, School of Medicine, University of Pittsburgh •  Director of the Cancer Research Center at Kangwon National University Hospital

Donghoon Choi

• M.D., Yonsei University College of Medicine • Director, Yongin Severance Hospital • Director, Yonsei Cardiovascular hospital • Professor, Yonsei university college of Medicine
(490 SCI papers)

Sangheon Cho

• M.D., Seoul National University College of Medicine • Director of Seoul National University Hospital Healthcare System Gangnam Center • Professor at Seoul National University College of Medicine, Allergic disease
(381 SCI papers(7,315 cited))

Kyuyeong Seo

• J.D. from Korea University School of Law • Director, Public Affairs Department & Asset Management Examination Department & Human Resources Development Office, Financial Supervisory Service • Senior Professor, Financial Education Department, Financial Supervisory Service • Secretary General, Creditors' Coordination Committee